Organic Acid Test

$ 375.00
Organic Acid Test

The organic acid test (OAT) is one of the most comprehensive tests used in functional medicine. It is helpful in understanding your mood, energy levels and ability to burn body fat. The OAT uses urine metabolites to assess:

  • How efficiently you're burning fat (dietary and body fat)
  • How efficiently you're burning carbohydrates
  • How efficiently your liver is detoxifying toxins
  • If you have an overgrowth of yeast
  • If you have an overgrowth of bacteria
  • If you are low in serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline 
  • If your brain inflamed
  • If you need more B vitamins including B12, folate and B6
  • If you using your muscles or gut lining as a fuel source
  • This is an at-home urine test. The OAT kit will be sent to you. Not available in NY.
  • If you are a client of Dana’s please have Dana approve this test for you and we will order it on your behalf. 

Resources: Sample report and Brochure

Choose between Test Only ($375) or Test and a 30 minute review with Dana ($575)